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1. noun area of housing2. noun AGR land; area for particular activity3. noun LAW dead person's possessions4. noun AUTO car5. noun HIST group in society6. noun condition, state 1 (also housing estate) noun area of housingeastát masc1  c m u 2 noun also AGR land; area for particular activityeastát masc1  c m utea estate eastát tae 3 noun LAW dead person's possessionseastát masc1  c m uestate duty dleacht eastáit 4 (also estate car) noun AUTO carcarr eastáit  c m u 5 noun HIST group in societyEastát masc1  c m uthe Third Estate an Tríú hEastát 6 noun condition, statestaid fem2  c m uthe holy estate of matrimony cuing bheannaithe an phósta

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