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waters is a grammatical form of: water »


1 noun GEOG, POL area of sea, lake, etcuiscí masc4  c m uthe trawlers were fishing in Irish waters bhí na trálaeir ag iascach in uiscí na hÉireanncoastal waters uiscí cóstainternational waters uiscí idirnáisiúnta 2 noun GEOL from a particular sourceuiscí masc4  c m ucurative waters uiscí leighis, uiscí íceacha 3 noun situationthe choppy waters of the teenage years blianta corracha na ndéaga, farraige cháite na ndéagathe murky waters of banking domhan dorcha na baincéireachta, duibheagán na baincéireachta 4 noun MED in pregnancyuisce masc4  c m uher waters broke bhris an t-uisce uirthi, bhris a cuid uisce → see water

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