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1. noun DRINK, FOOD for drinking, washing, etc2. noun GEOG GEOL in sea, lake, etc3. noun MED urine4. verb plants, seeds, etc5. verb animals6. verb person7. verb produce tears, saliva
1 noun DRINK, FOOD for drinking, washing, etcuisce masc4  c m ua drop of water fell on it thit deoir uisce air, thit braon uisce airthey have no hot water níl aon uisce te acua drink of water deoch uiscethey gave me a glass of water thug siad gloine uisce domtwo sparkling waters, please dhá uisce súilíneach, más é do thoil éspring water fíoruiscestill water uisce gan súilíníboiled water uisce fiuchta
modifieruisce gs as adj  c m u
water bottle buidéal uiscewater pipe píopa uisce, píobán uiscewater tank umar uisce, dabhach uisce
2 noun GEOG GEOL in sea, lake, etcuisce masc4  c m uthe boat was in the water bhí an bád ar an uiscethere were two people in the water bhí beirt san uiscethe easiest way to go there is by water ar an uisce is éasca dul ann, is i mbád is fusa dul annI can't swim under water níl mé in ann snámh faoin uisce
modifieruisce gs as adj  c m u
water level leibhéal uisce, uisceleibhéal technical termwater pollution truailliú uiscewater bailiff maor uisce
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3 noun MED urineuisce masc4  c m umún masc1  c m ufual masc1  c m u to pass water mún, mún a dhéanamh, fual a dhéanamh 4 verb plants, seeds, etc TRANSITIVEuisce a chur ar VPuiscigh verb  c m uthe plants need watering teastaíonn uisce ó na plandaí, tá uisce de dhíth ar na plandaí 5 verb animals TRANSITIVEuisce a thabhairt dowe watered the horses thugamar uisce do na capaill 6 verb person TRANSITIVEdeoch a thabhairt dothe children were fed and watered tugadh bia agus deoch do na leanaí 7 verb produce tears, saliva INTRANSITIVEonions make your eyes water cuireann oinniúin uisce le do shúilemy eyes started to water with the smoke tháinig uisce le mo shúile de bharr an deataighthe smell of the food made my mouth water chuir boladh an bhia uisce le m'fhiacla, bhí uisce le m'fhiacla le boladh an bhia

water under the bridge


water over the dam

US) that's water under the bridge now scéal thairis é sin anois, scéal marbh atá ann sin anois

like water off a duck's back


water off a duck's back

) the insult was like water off a duck 's back for me scaoil mé tharam an masla, níor chuir an masla isteach ná amach orm, níor bhain an masla feacadh asam

to pour cold water on sth


to throw cold water on sth

) a bheag a dhéanamh de rudspior spear a dhéanamh de rud

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