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1. noun larger amount than usual2. noun amount one quantity exceeds another3. noun exceeding permitted limit4. noun lack of moderation5. noun FIN part of claim paid by yourself6. adjective more than desirable7. adjective required as extra payment
1 noun larger amount than usualbarraíocht fem3  c m ufarasbarr masc1  c m uif taken in excess, it may be harmful má thógtar barraíocht, d'fhéadfadh sé dochar a dhéanamh; má thógtar an iomarca, d'fhéadfadh sé dochar a dhéanamh 2 noun amount one quantity exceeds anotherfarasbarr masc1  c m ufuílleach masc1  c m u
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3 noun exceeding permitted limitbreis fem2  c m uin excess of the 'cap' de bhreis ar an 'srian'in excess of his jurisdiction de bhreis ar a dhlínse, thar a údarás 4 noun lack of moderationcraos masc1  c m uceas masc3  c m uainmheasarthacht fem3  c m ua night of excess oíche chraois, oíche ainmheasarthachta 5 noun FIN part of claim paid by yourselfbarrachas masc1  c m uexcess clause foráil bharrachais 6 adjective more than desirableiomarcach adj1  c m ubreise  c m uexcess weight meáchan breise, farasbarr meáchain 7 adjective required as extra paymentbreise  c m uexcess charges táillí breise

in excess of

níos mó náde bhreis arin excess of 3000 people watched the show d'fhéach breis is 3000 duine ar an seó, d'amharc os cionn 3000 duine ar an seó

to excess

thar fóirthar riochtshe drank to excess chuaigh sí thar fóir leis an ól, chuaigh sí thar an gceasaí leis an ól, d'ól sí an iomarca