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Similar words: shining · whiting · whingeing · whirling · dining · lining · mining · warning · weaning · winning
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whining is a grammatical form of: whine »


1 noun complainingfuarchaoineadh masccriongán mascgeonaíl fem3  c m ushe had to put up with all his whining b'éigean di cur suas lena chuid fuarchaointe go léir 2 noun high-pitched crysceamhaíl fem3geonaíl fem3  c m ushe ignored its whining rinne sí neamhaird dá chuid geonaíola
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3 noun high-pitched noisesianaíl fem3  c m uscréachachwhining came from the brakes bhí na coscáin ag sianaíl 4 adjective complaining annoyinglythere were a couple of whining kids bhí cúpla leanbh ann a bhí ag fuarchaoineadh 5 adjective of voicecaointeach adj1  c m usianachI heard a whining voice chuala mé guth caointeach, chuala mé glór sianach 6 adjective high and unpleasantsianacha whining noise sian → see whine