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Similar words: swarming · farming · warning · warping · warring · worming · alarming · charming · calming · gaming
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warming is a grammatical form of: warm »


1. adjective drink, fire, etc2. adjective ECOL climate, temperatures, etc3. adjective relations, ties etc4. adjective gratifying, comforting5. noun ECOL process of temperature increase6. noun of relations etc 1 adjective drink, fire, etcteolaí adj3  c m ua bhfuil teas ann 2 adjective ECOL climate, temperatures, etcatá ag éirí níos teoatá ag dul i dteocht 3 adjective relations, ties etcatá ag éirí níos cairdiúlathe warming relations between both countries an caidreamh níos muinteartha atá idir an dá thír 4 adjective gratifying, comfortingpléisiúrtha adj3  c m udeas adj1  c m utaitneamhach adj1  c m u 5 noun also ECOL process of temperature increasetéamh masc1  c m u 6 noun of relations etcdlúthú masc  c m uthe warming of relations between both countries an feabhas ar an gcaidreamh idir an dá thír

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