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1. adjective frank, direct2. adjective (of colour, smell etc) bold3. adjective (of payment) made in advance4. adjective (of costs etc) initial5. adverb in advance6. adverb at the outset7. adverb SPOR in attacking position 1 adjective frank, directoscailte adj3  c m udíreach  c m uionraic adj1macánta adj3  c m uit's best to be upfront and honest with them is fearr bheith oscailte agus ionraic leoshe was upfront with us bhí sí ionraic linn, bhí sí díreach linnthey were quite upfront about it bhí siad breá oscailte faoi, ní dhearna siad aon iarracht é a cheilt, ní dheachaigh siad anonn ná anall leis 2 adjective (of colour, smell etc) bolddána adj3  c m uláidir  c m u
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3 adjective (of payment) made in advanceroimh ré  c m uréamh-they charge an upfront fee gearrann siad táille roimh ré 4 adjective (of costs etc) initialtosaigh  c m utús- prefthere was no up-front payment ní raibh aon íocaíocht tosaigh le déanamhthe upfront costs na costais tosaigh 5 (also up front) adverb in advanceroimh ré  c m u 6 (also up front) adverb at the outsetag an tús 7 (also up front) adverb SPOR in attacking positionchun tosaigh  c m ushe plays up front imríonn sí chun tosaigh, imríonn sí sna tosaithethey have problems up front tá fadhbanna sna tosaithe acu