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Similar words: unpick · mudpack · knack · snack · unpaid · humpback · unpicked · unplaced · fun-packed · cutback
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1. verb empty2. verb remove (sth) from container3. verb after journey, house move etc4. verb break down (statement, meaning)5. verb COMP decompress (data) 1 verb empty TRANSITIVEdíphacáil verb  c m ufolmhaigh verb  c m uI unpacked the bags dhíphacáil mé na málaí, d'fholmhaigh mé na málaí, bhain mé gach rud as na málaí 2 verb remove (sth) from container TRANSITIVEdíphacáil verb  c m ushe unpacked her clothes bhain sí a cuid éadaí as na málaíI unpacked the shopping bhain mé an tsiopadóireacht as na málaí 3 verb after journey, house move etc INTRANSITIVEdíphacáil verb  c m u 4 verb break down (statement, meaning) TRANSITIVEto unpack the meaning of sth ciall ruda a spíonadh amach 5 verb COMP decompress (data) TRANSITIVEdíphacáil verb  c m u