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sweeping is a grammatical form of: sweep »


1. adjective major, wide-ranging2. adjective over-generalising3. adjective forming long curve4. adjective by large margin 1 adjective major, wide-rangingleathan  c m uleitheadach  c m ufairsing adj1  c m usweeping changes athruithe móra, athruithe ó bhun, athruithe fadréimeacha 2 adjective over-generalisingleathan  c m uleitheadach  c m uscaoilte adj3  c m ua sweeping statement ráiteas róghinearálta, ráiteas róscaoilte
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3 adjective forming long curvea sweeping curtsy umhlú go talamha sweeping tail eireaball scuabachsweeping robes róbaí scuabacha, róbaí scóipiúlathe other side of the sweeping bay an taobh eile de chuar na bá, an taobh eile de chorrán na báa sweeping view of the ocean radharc fairsing anuas ar an bhfarraige, radharc scóipiúil ar an bhfarraige mhór 4 adjective by large margincuimsitheach adj1a sweeping victory bua cuimsitheach, bua maith

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