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1 noun LING, EDSualainnis fem  c m uhe speaks Swedish tá Sualainnis aigewhat's the Swedish for 'food'? cad é an tSualainnis ar 'bia'?he has a degree in Swedish tá céim sa tSualainnis aige 2 adjective LING, ED in or related to the Swedish languageSualainnise  c m ua Swedish book leabhar Sualainnisea Swedish word focal Sualainnisethe Swedish language an tSualainnisSwedish class rang Sualainnise
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3 adjective GEOG relating to the Sweden or the SwedishSualannach  c m u(de chuid) na Sualainnehe's Swedish is Sualannach é
► (indefinite)
a Swedish soldier saighdiúir Sualannach, saighdiúir de chuid na Sualainne
► (definite)
the Swedish government rialtas na Sualainne

the Swedish

noun GEOGna Sualannaighmuintir na Sualainne
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