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1. adjective free of germs2. adjective BIOL unable to reproduce3. adjective unable to sustain life4. adjective (of area, life) empty, featureless5. adjective (of discussion, activity) pointless 1 adjective free of germssteiriúil adj2a sterile dressing cóiriú steiriúila sterile needle snáthaid steiriúil 2 adjective BIOL unable to reproduceaimrid adj1  c m u 3 adjective unable to sustain lifeseasc adj1  c m uaimrid adj1  c m usterile land talamh seasc 4 adjective (of area, life) empty, featurelessleamh  c m ushe leads a sterile life tá saol leamh aici 5 adjective (of discussion, activity) pointlessgan tairbhe  c m ugan dealramha sterile debate plé gan tairbhe