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1. noun of liquid2. noun annoying person3. verb force out (liquid)4. verb (of liquid) be forced out5. verb hit (sth/sb) with stream of liquid6. verb SPOR (of ball etc) move as if alive 1 noun of liquidsteall  c m uscairdit just takes one squirt ní gá ach scaird amháin, is leor steall amháintwo squirts of lemon juice dhá steall sú líomóide 2 noun pejorative , informal annoying persondraoidín masc4  c m ugeospal masc
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3 verb force out (liquid) TRANSITIVEscaird verbsteanc verbsquirt it on the shirt steanc ar an léine é 4 verb (of liquid) be forced out INTRANSITIVEscaird verbsteanc verbthe milk squirted out of the hole scaird an bainne amach as an bpoll 5 verb hit (sth/sb) with stream of liquid TRANSITIVEscaird verbsteanc verbthey squirted me with beer scaird siad beoir orm 6 verb especially SPOR (of ball etc) move as if alive INTRANSITIVEscinn verbthe ball squirted across the square scinn an liathróid trasna na cearnóige