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Similar words: mashed · slashed · smasher · squashed · abashed · crashed · dashed · mushed · slasher · smash
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smashed is a grammatical form of: smash »


1 adjective very drunkan-óltaar deargmheiscear na cannaídallta  c m ushe was totally smashed bhí sí deargchaochta, bhí sí ar deargmheisce, bhí sí ar a caid ar fadthey just want to get smashed níl uathu ach bheith caochta, dul ar na cannaí an t-aon rud atá uathu 2 adjective brokenbriste adj3  c m uina smidiríníina smionagarsmashed windows fuinneoga briste, fuinneoga atá ina smidiríní

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