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Similar words: reminder · remaindered · rejoinder · -minder · attainder · meander · minder · remain · remaining · remains
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1. noun sth left over2. noun not yet used3. noun MATH of division4. noun PUBL book not yet sold5. noun LAW interest in estate6. verb PUBL sell at discount 1 noun sth left overfarasbarr masc1  c m ufuílleach masc1  c m ubarrachas masc1  c m u 2 noun not yet usedan chuid eile dea bhfuil fágtha deI spent the remainder of the holiday there chaith mé an chuid eile den tsaoire ann 3 noun MATH of divisionfuílleach masc1  c m useven divided by two equals three, remainder one a seacht roinnte ar a dó cothrom le trí, fuílleach a haon 4 noun PUBL book not yet soldcóip fuíll 5 noun LAW interest in estateiarmhar masc1  c m ufuíoll masc1  c m u 6 verb PUBL sell at discount TRANSITIVEcuir ar fuíoll

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