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Similar words: pull-up · pull out · pull-ups · ball up · call up · curl up · doll up · fill up · pal up · pull in
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pull up

1 (v + adv) come to a stop INTRANSITIVEstop verb  c m ustad verb  c m uwe pulled up at the station stopamar ag an stáisiúnshe pulled up short stop sí go tobann, rinne sí staic 2 (v + adv) bring sth to a halt TRANSITIVEstop verb  c m ustad verb  c m u
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3 (v + adv) raise TRANSITIVEtarraing aníos  c m utarraing suas  c m uthey pulled up the anchor tharraing siad aníos an t-ancairepull your trousers up tarraing suas do bhríste, tarraing ort do bhrísteshe pulled herself up tharraing sí í féin aníos 4 (v + adv) bring closer TRANSITIVEtarraing chugathe pulled up a seat tharraing sé isteach cathaoir 5 (v + adv) reprimand TRANSITIVEthe referee pulled him up for hitting another player bhí focal ag an réiteoir leis as imreoir eile a bhualadh 6 (v + adv) stop TRANSITIVEstop verb  c m uhe was pulled up for speeding stopadh é faoi bheith ag tiomáint róthapa 7 (v + adv) HORT remove TRANSITIVEtarraing verb  c m ustoith verb  c m uhe spent the day pulling up weeds chaith sé an lá ag stoitheadh fiailí → see pull

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