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1. noun letter2. noun position in list, sequence, ranking etc3. noun CHEM symbol for phosphorus4. noun TRANSP abbreviation of parking
1 noun letterPpthe letter P an litir Pthe 'p' is missing tá an 'p' ar lár 2 noun position in list, sequence, ranking etcPAppendix P Aguisín P 3 noun (abbreviation) CHEM symbol for phosphorusP 4 noun (abbreviation) TRANSP abbreviation of parkingP

to mind your Ps and Qs


to watch your Ps and Qs

) bheith cáiréiseachbheith ar d'aire


1 noun (abbreviation) FIN abbreviation of penny or pencepit costs 50p cosnaíonn sé 50p 2 noun (abbreviation) PUBL abbreviation of pagelch 3 adverb (abbreviation) MUS abbreviation of pianop → see P


1 nounpianó masc4  c m uhe plays the piano seinneann sé an pianóshe played a chord on the piano sheinn sí corda ar an bpianó
modifierpianó gs as adj  c m upiano lesson ceacht pianópiano music ceol pianópiano concerto coinséartó pianópiano player pianódóir
2 (also p) adverbpiano foreign 3 (also p) adjectivepiano foreign

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