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1 noun (also Officer) MIL senior figure in the army etc oifigeach masc1  c m uthe officer in charge an t-oifigeach i bhfeighilnaval officer oifigeach cabhlaigh 2 noun (also Officer) POLICE policeman or policewomanoifigeach masc1  c m upóilín masc4  c m uuniformed officer oifigeach faoi éide, póilín faoi éide 3 noun (also Officer) sb who works for a public serviceoifigeach masc1  c m uhe showed his passport to an immigration officer thaispeáin sé a phas d'oifigeach inimirceexecutive officer oifigeach feidhmiúcháincase officer cásoifigeach 4 noun EMPL senior figure in an organisationoifigeach masc1  c m uhe asked the press officer for more information d'iarr sé breis eolais ar an bpreasoifigeach

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