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1. noun of organisation2. noun of group3. noun state etc4. noun POL, BUS-ADM sb elected, appointed5. noun of parliament6. noun BOT, ZOOL plant, animal belonging to family7. noun MATH of set8. noun ANAT penis 1 noun of organisationball masc1  c m uhe was a trade union member bhí sé ina bhall de cheardchumannmembers only baill amháinshe was a founding member of the club bhí sí ar dhuine de bhunaitheoirí an chlubhe became a member of the society ghlac sé ballraíocht sa chumann 2 noun of groupball masc1  c m uduine masc4  c m ua family member ball teaghlaigh, ball den teaghlach, duine muintearthathey welcomed him like a member of the family chuir siad fáilte roimhe amhail is dá mba dhuine muinteartha éa member of the audience duine den lucht éisteachta a member of staff ball foirne, ball den fhoireann, duine den fhoireann a member of the public duine den phobal members of the public an pobal a member of the armed forces ball de na fórsaí armthahe found it difficult to talk to members of the opposite sex ba dheacair leis labhairt le mná
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3 noun state etcball masc1  c m umember state of the European Union ballstát den Aontas Eorpach 4 noun (also Member) especially POL, BUS-ADM sb elected, appointedball masc1  c m ucomhalta masc4  c m uelected member comhalta tofa, ball tofaboard member comhalta boirdcommittee member ball coiste 5 noun (also Member) of parliamentMember of the European Parliament feisire de Pharlaimint na hEorpaMember of Parliament teachta parlaiminte  c m u 6 noun BOT, ZOOL plant, animal belonging to familyball masc1  c m u 7 noun MATH of setball masc1  c m umember of a given set ball de thacar tugtha 8 noun ANAT usually humorous penisbod masc1  c m uslat fem2  c m uthe male member an ball fearga

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