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Similar words: makeup · mike up · rake up · take up · wake up · make out · shake up · stake up · ease up
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1. noun COSM cosmetics2. noun TV-RAD, THEAT, CINE department of studio etc3. noun of group4. noun BIOL, GENET of organism5. noun of personality, psyche6. noun PUBL, PRESS of page 1 noun COSM cosmeticssmideadh masc1  c m uto put on make-up smideadh a chur ortmake-up bag mála smididh 2 noun TV-RAD, THEAT, CINE department of studio etcseomra smididh
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3 noun of groupleagan amach  c m ucomhdhéanamh masc1  c m uthe make-up of the team leagan amach na foirne 4 noun BIOL, GENET of organismcomhdhéanamh masc1  c m u 5 noun of personality, psychenádúr masc1  c m umianach masc1  c m upsychological make-up nádúr síceolaíochhis flaws are part of his make-up is cuid dá nádúr a chuid lochtanna, cuid dá phearsantacht atá ina chuid lochtanna 6 noun PUBL, PRESS of pagedearadh masc  c m uleagan amach familiar  c m u

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