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Similar words: implanted · impact · impart · imprint · plant · replant · air plant · implement · important · stimulant
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1. verb MED device2. verb MED tissue, cells, embryo etc3. verb put (idea etc) into mind4. verb plant (kiss)5. noun MED implanted object 1 verb MED device TRANSITIVEionphlandaigh verbonce the pacemaker was implanted nuair a bhí an séadaire ionphlandáilte 2 verb MED tissue, cells, embryo etc TRANSITIVEionchlannaigh verbto implant stem cells gaschealla a ionchlannúto implant an embryo suth a ionchlannú 3 verb put (idea etc) into mind TRANSITIVEcuir i PhrV  c m umeabhraigh verb  c m ushe implanted the idea in his head chuir sí an smaoineamh isteach ina chloigeann, mheabhraigh sí an smaoineamh dó 4 verb plant (kiss) TRANSITIVEhe implanted a kiss on my cheek phóg sé mo leiceann, thug sé póg dom ar an leiceann, phóg sé ar an leiceann mé 5 noun MED implanted objectionchlannán masc1dental implant ionchlannán fiacla