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hanging is a grammatical form of: hang »


1. noun method of execution2. noun instance of execution3. noun suspended decoration4. noun cloth on wall5. noun cloth around bed6. noun suspending7. adjective suspended8. adjective of judge
1 noun method of executioncrochadh masc  c m uhanging was the usual punishment for certain crimes ba é an crochadh an gnáthphionós le haghaidh coireanna áirithe 2 noun instance of executioncrochadh masc  c m uthe hanging was carried out in the prison sa phríosún a rinneadh an crochadhhe was the last hanging in Ireland ba eisean an duine deiridh a crochadh in Éirinnthere were four hangings that year crochadh ceathrar an bhliain sinpublic hanging crochadh poiblí
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3 noun suspended decorationcrochadh masc  c m u 4 noun cloth on walltaipéis fem2  c m u 5 noun cloth around bedcuirtín masc4bed hangings cuirtíní leapa 6 noun suspendingcrochadh masc  c m uwe leave the hanging of the lights to the experts fágaimid crochadh na soilse faoi na saineolaithe 7 adjective suspendedcrochta adj3  c m uar crochadhhanging lamp lampa crochta 8 adjective of judgea hanging judge crochadóir breithimh

hanging is too good for sb

humorous hanging is too good for him bheadh an chroch rómhaith dó

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