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Similar words: grinning · grounding · binding · blinding · branding · finding · gliding · grading · grieving · grilling
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grinding is a grammatical form of: grind »


1. adjective hard, unpleasant2. adjective of noise3. noun noise4. noun act of grinding sth5. noun act of polishing sth 1 adjective hard, unpleasantmaslach adj1  c m uduaisiúil adj2anróiteach adj1  c m uit's grinding work is obair mhaslach é 2 adjective of noisedíoscánach adj1they heard a grinding sound chuala siad díoscán 3 noun noisedíoscán masc1the loud grinding of the machinery díoscán callánach an innealra 4 noun act of grinding sthmeilt fem2 5 noun act of polishing sthlíomhadh masc

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