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Similar words: dive in · live in · cave in · dine in · give up · given · have in · lie in · live on · move in
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give in

1 (v + adv) yield INTRANSITIVEgéill verb  c m utabhair isteach PhrV  c m ushe wouldn't give in to them ní raibh sí sásta géilleadh dóibh, ní raibh sí sásta tabhairt isteach dóibhthey finally gave in to the pressure ghéill siad don bhrú sa deireadhI gave in to temptation ghéill mé don chathú 2 (v + adv) hand in TRANSITIVEcuir isteach  c m utabhair isteach  c m uhe gave in his coursework chuir sé isteach an obair chúrsa → see give

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