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Similar words: clenched · drench · trencher · wretched · entrenched · retrenched · stretched · French · arched · beached
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drenched is a grammatical form of: drench »


1. adjective in rain etc2. adjective bathed in liquid3. adjective with quality4. adjective with light etc5. adjective in sth unpleasant 1 adjective in rain etcbáitefliuch báitethe men were drenched bhí na fir fliuch báite, bhí na fir báite go craiceann, bhí na fir ina líbíní báitethe shirt was drenched with sweat bhí an léine báite le hallas, bhí an léine ar maos le hallas 2 adjective bathed in liquidbáitear maos  c m uthe chips were drenched in vinegar bhí na sceallóga ar maos i bhfínéagar
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3 adjective with qualitybáitear maos  c m utheir music is drenched in tradition tá a gcuid ceoil ar maos sa traidisiúnher tone was drenched with sarcasm bhí searbhas ina glór 4 adjective with light etcbáitethe stage was drenched in blue light bhí an stáitse báite faoi sholas gorm 5 adjective in sth unpleasantthe room was drenched with smoke bhí an seomra plúchta le toithe's drenched in guilt tá sé céasta ag an gciontacht