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1 noun lack of lightdorchadas masc1  c m udorchacht fem3  c m uthe room was in darkness bhí an seomra dorcha, bhí an seomra dubh dorcha, níor léir duit do lámh sa seomra in the hours of darkness i rith na hoíchedarkness fell thit an oíche, thit an dorchadasunder cover of darkness i ndorchadas na hoíche, faoi choim na hoíchehe saw her in the semi-darkness chonaic sé í sa bhreacsholas, chonaic sé í sa mheathsholas 2 noun hopeless place or state literary dorchadas masc1  c m udorchacht fem3  c m udarkness of spirit duairceas, dubhachas
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3 noun evil the forces/powers of darkness fórsaí an oilc, cumhachtaí an dorchadais prince/ruler of darkness tiarna an oilc, an fear dubh 4 noun deepness of colourdorchacht fem3  c m u

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