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Similar words: cleaver · leave · cleavage · -leaved · cleaner · cleanse · clearer · clean · clear · cleat
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1. verb cut using heavy tool2. verb divide into two3. verb move quickly through4. verb adhere to (belief etc)5. verb cling, stick to 1 verb literary cut using heavy tool TRANSITIVEscoilt verb  c m ushe cleaved its skull with an axe scoilt sí a bhlaosc le tua 2 verb divide into two TRANSITIVEscoilt verb  c m u 3 verb literary move quickly through TRANSITIVEgearr trí PhrV  c m uthe barges were cleaving the water bhí na báirsí ag gearradh tríd an uisce 4 verb adhere to (belief etc) INTRANSITIVEcloígh verb  c m ucoinnigh verb  c m ucoimeád verb  c m ushe still cleaves to the old superstitions cloíonn sí leis na seanphiseoga i gcónaí, creideann sí fós sna seanphiseoga 5 verb literary cling, stick to INTRANSITIVEgreamaigh verb  c m ubheith i ngreimhe was cleaving to his mother for dear life bhí greim an fhir bháite aige ar a mháthair