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clear out

1 (v + adv) clean, organise (room etc)
TRANSITIVEglan amach  c m uI cleared out the attic ghlan mé amach an t-áiléar
INTRANSITIVEglan amach  c m ushe spent the day clearing out chaith sí an lá ag glanadh amach
2 (v + adv) remove (rubbish etc) in order to make tidy TRANSITIVEglan amach  c m ufaigh réidh lecaith amach  c m uI cleared the rubbish from the shed ghlan mé an bruscar as an mbothán
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3 (v + adv) informal leave (a place) INTRANSITIVEbailigh leat  c m uglan leat  c m ushe had cleared out by then sí bailithe léi faoi sinhe has 48 hours to clear out of the town tá 48 uair an chloig aige le glanadh leis amach as an mbaile 4 (v + adv) informal telling sb to leave INTRANSITIVEbí amuigh  c m ubailigh leat  c m uglan leat  c m ugread leat  c m uclear out, and be fast about it! bí amuigh, agus go tapa!; gread leat go beo! → see clear

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