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1. noun ANAT part of body2. noun part of garment3. noun large box4. noun treasury, financial resources5. verb SPOR propel, control ball
1 noun ANAT part of bodycliabhrach masc1  c m uucht masc3  c m ucliabh masc1  c m uchest measurement tomhas cliabhraigh 2 noun part of garmentbrollach masc1  c m uthe chest of his shirt brollach a léine
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3 noun large boxcófra masc4  c m umedicine chest cófra cógas, cóifrín leighis 4 noun treasury, financial resourcesciste masc4  c m u 5 verb SPOR propel, control ball TRANSITIVEuchtáil verb  c m u

to get sth off your chest

rud a chur díotcome on now, get it off your chest gabh ar aghaidh anois, cuir díot é; ar aghaidh leat anois, cuir an t-ualach seo de do chroí

to play your cards close to your chest


to keep your cards close to your chest

) she kept her cards close to her chest níor lig sí a rún le haon duine

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