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Similar words: bubbling · baffling · bumbling · cabling · gambling · rambling · wobbling · baby sling · ailing · angling
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babbling is a grammatical form of: babble »


1. noun confused talk2. noun baby talk3. noun sound of stream4. adjective (of person) making excited noise5. adjective (of stream) murmuring 1 noun confused talkcabaireacht fem3clabaireacht fem3stop your babbling caith uait do chuid cabaireachta 2 noun baby talkplobaireacht fem3I heard the babbling of the baby chuala mé plobaireacht an linbh 3 noun sound of streamcrónán masc1  c m uceol masc1  c m usioscadh mascthe babbling of a brook ceol srutháinín, srúill ag crónán 4 adjective (of person) making excited noisehe emitted a babbling sound tháinig caismirt chainte uaidh 5 adjective (of stream) murmuringa babbling stream sruthán ag crónán