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1. verb speak excitedly2. verb make baby noises3. verb of stream4. noun sound of people babbling5. noun excited talk6. noun baby talk7. noun jargon8. noun sound of stream 1 verb speak excitedly
INTRANSITIVEbheith ag cabaireachtbheith ag geabaireachtbheith ag roiseadhbheith ag sclaibéireachtthey were all babbling away bhí siad ar fad ag clabaireacht leo
TRANSITIVEshe was babbling her prayers bhí sí ag spalpadh a cuid paidreacha, bhí sí ag rá a cuid paidreacha ina roiseanna
2 verb make baby noises INTRANSITIVEbheith ag plobaireachtbheith ag lapaireacht
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3 verb of stream INTRANSITIVEbheith ag crónánbheith ag monabhar 4 noun sound of people babblingsioscadh masc  c m ugiob geabcabaireacht fem3  c m uclabaireacht fem3  c m ugiolcaireacht fem  c m u 5 noun excited talksíor-rároiseadh cainteglagaireacht fem3  c m u 6 noun baby talkplobaireacht fem3  c m ulapaireacht fem  c m u 7 noun jargonbéarlagair masc4  c m uglafarnach fem2 8 noun sound of streamcrónán masc1  c m umonabhar masc1

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