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Focail chosúla: bang out · hand out · hangout · hang about · bung out · fag out · fan out · handout · hang off · hang on
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hang out

1 (v + adv) suspend sth outside TRANSITIVEcroch amachthe bedding was hung out to air crochadh an t-éadach leapa amach faoin aer 2 (v + adv) informal spend time in a particular place with people INTRANSITIVEbheith ag crochadh timpeallbheith ag crochadh thartthey hang out in the canteen bíonn siad ag crochadh thart sa cheaintín 3 (v + adv) protrude INTRANSITIVEbheith ag crochadh amachbheith ag gobadh amachhis shirt was hanging out bhí a léine ag crochadh amachthere were wires hanging out of the wall bhí sreanga crochta as an mballa, bhí sreanga ag gobadh amach as an mballa 4 (v + adv) lean TRANSITIVEto be hanging out of sth bheith crochta amach ar rudthey were hanging out of the window bhí siad crochta amach ar an bhfuinneog, bhí siad ag crochadh amach san fhuinneog → féach hang