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1. adjective traditional; against change2. adjective likely to be too low3. adjective MED using minimal intervention4. adjective POL holding right-wing views5. noun POL right-wing or traditionalist person 1 adjective traditional; against changecoimeádach adj1  c m uthe law was profoundly conservative bhí an dlí an-choimeádach 2 adjective likely to be too low100 people were injured, at a conservative estimate gortaíodh 100 duine, ar a laghad; gortaíodh 100 duine, ar an gceann caol 3 adjective MED using minimal interventionteoranta adj3  c m uthe conservative treatment worked d'éirigh leis an gcóir leighis theoranta 4 adjective POL holding right-wing viewscoimeádach adj1  c m ucaomhach  c m ushe's a conservative Christian is Críostaí coimeádach í 5 noun POL right-wing or traditionalist personcoimeádach masc1  c m ucaomhach masc1  c m u

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