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The app for the New English-Irish Dictionary has now been published. You can purchase the app here for Apple devices and here for Android devices, price is €4.99.

Educational institutions – 50% discount

A 50% discount on the normal purchase price of €4.99 is available to educational institutions (schools, colleges, universities, etc) who buy 20 or more copies of the app. There are two different processes involved in getting this discount, depending on whether you need the iOS or Android version – further information available here.

Using the app

  • Can I use the app offline?

    Yes – once you’ve installed the app, all of its functions are available offline (except for the sound files, which will be available in the next version – see below). This means you can use the dictionary whether you’re connected to the internet or not.

  • What happens when entries are added to the Dictionary, or changed?

    The online New English-Irish Dictionary is 80% complete, which means a substantial number of entries are still to be added to it. When this happens (between now and mid-2016), you’ll be automatically notified that an updated version of the app is available to download (at no extra cost).

  • How do I look up a word or phrase?

    The same way as in the website version – simply type it into the search box, or select it from the dropdown list.

  • Searching with wildcards

    You can also search for entries using the wildcard (asterisk), which you can input after typing any two (or more) normal characters. The two screenshots below show the results when you search respectively for all words beginning with abl, and all words beginning with be and ending with nt:

  • Other features

    Apart from the items detailed in the next section below, all the other major features from the website version of the dictionary are available in the app – grammar files, sound files and the browse function.

  • App-specific features

    There are also some features which are available only in the app:
    Favourites – a list of your favourite entries;
    Recent Searches – a list of the entries you’ve recently looked up.

Functions planned for the next version of the app

The following additional features are planned for the next version of the app, in early 2016:

  • Sound files available offline

    Please note that there will be an additional fee of €0.99 for this facility.

  • Search for Irish words as well as English words

    Note that the New English-Irish Dictionary is NOT a two-way dictionary. However, this search facility means you’ll be able to search for the Irish translations used in the dictionary, in the same way as you can currently do so with the Advanced Search function on the website (

  • Share entries

    Via email, social media etc.

  • Use of Google voice to search for words

    On devices which support this feature, you’ll be able to search for entries by saying them aloud instead of typing them.

  • The modified search on the Dictionary website

    A significant change to the search function on the Dictionary website was implemented some weeks after publication of the first version of the app. This modified search will be available in the second version of the app, which will be published early in 2016. This second version of the app will be available free of charge if you already have the first version.

Terms and Conditions

All rights relating to the New English-Irish Dictionary (NEID) are reserved to Foras na Gaeilge. It is not permitted to publish in print or electronic form, or exploit commercially in any form whatsoever, any extracts from NEID other than as permitted under the fair dealing provisions of copyright law in the relevant jurisdiction. It is not permitted to reproduce or distribute any copyrighted portions of NEID without prior written permission from Foras na Gaeilge.

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