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1. adjective bloody2. adjective awful, deplorable3. adjective unwell, suffering4. adjective poor, unfortunate5. adjective sad, guilty 1 adjective informal bloodymallaithe  c m uthe wretched thing broke bhris an diabhal rud, bhris an rud mallaithethis wretched plan of theirs an diabhal plean seo acu 2 adjective literary awful, deplorableainnis adj1  c m usuarach adj1  c m uthey lived in wretched little hovels mhair siad i mbotháin bheaga ainnise
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3 adjective literary unwell, sufferingainnis adj1  c m udearóil adj1  c m utruamhéalach adj1  c m ushe had a wretched appearance bhreathnaigh sí go hainnis, bhí cuma na scríbe uirthi, tá cuma dhearóil uirthi 4 adjective literary poor, unfortunatebocht  c m ushe fired the wretched girl thug sí bata agus bóthar don chailín bochthe felt pity for the wretched children bhí trua aige do na créatúir bhochta de pháistí 5 adjective literary sad, guiltyainnis adj1  c m uuafásach adj1  c m uI feel wretched about it braithim go hainnis faoi, mothaím go huafásach faoi