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Similar words: coolly · wholly · woollen · brolly · dolly · folly · golly · holly · jolly · lolly
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1. adjective made of wool2. adjective covered with wool3. adjective (of caterpillar, leaf etc) furry4. adjective (of coat, hair, fur) wool-like5. adjective confused, unclear6. noun CLOTH woollen garment 1 adjective made of woololla  c m uwoolly hat hata olla 2 adjective covered with woollomrach adj1  c m uwoolly sheep caora lomrach 3 adjective (of caterpillar, leaf etc) furryclúmhach  c m uwoolly aphid aifid chlúmhach 4 adjective (of coat, hair, fur) wool-likelomrach adj1  c m umar a bheadh olann ann 5 adjective confused, uncleardoiléir adj1  c m u 6 noun CLOTH informal woollen garmentgeansaí ollabring your woollies! tabhair do chuid éadaí olla leat!