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1. noun COOK cooking utensil2. noun quick movement3. verb COOK beat4. verb take (sb/sth) somewhere quickly5. verb move quickly 1 noun COOK cooking utensilgreadtóir masc egg whisk greadtóir uibheacha wire whisk greadtóir sreinge 2 noun quick movementsciotán masc1in a whisk de sciotán
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3 verb COOK beat TRANSITIVEgread verb  c m uwhisk the eggs lightly gread na huibheacha go héadrom whisk the ingredients together gread na comhábhair le chéile 4 verb take (sb/sth) somewhere quickly TRANSITIVEscuab verb  c m usciob verbhe whisked her off to the dance scuab sé leis í chuig an damhsa 5 verb move quickly INTRANSITIVErop verbimigh de sciotánthey whisked into the hall rop siad isteach sa halla, isteach sa halla leo de sciotán

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