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1 noundeireadh seachtaine  c m udeireadh na seachtainethe weekend is here tá deireadh na seachtaine buailte linnhe spent the weekend sailing chaith sé an deireadh seachtaine ag seoltóireachtwe're going away for the weekend táimid ag imeacht le haghaidh an deireadh seachtaineshe'll be here at the weekend beidh sí anseo ag deireadh na seachtainebank holiday weekend deireadh seachtaine saoire baincfishing weekend deireadh seachtaine iascaireachtahen weekend deireadh seachtaine na gcearc, deireadh seachtaine na mbába weekend trip turas deireadh seachtaine 2 verb INTRANSITIVEdeireadh seachtaine a chaitheamh

a dirty weekend

informaldeireadh seachtaine ragúis informaldeireadh seachtaine salach informal

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