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weed is a grammatical form of: wee »


1. noun HORT unwanted plant2. noun BOT near water3. noun weak person4. noun weak-willed person5. noun cannabis6. verb HORT clear of unwanted plants 1 noun HORT unwanted plantfiaile fem4that's a weed is fiaile é sin, níl ansin ach salacharweeds fiailí, luifearnach, lustan, salachar 2 noun BOT near waterbiolar masc1  c m u
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3 noun informal, pejorative weak personfágálach masc1  c m uséacla masc4donán masc1 4 noun informal, pejorative weak-willed personcladhaire masc4  c m umeatachán masc1  c m u 5 noun informal cannabisraithneach fem2  c m u 6 verb HORT clear of unwanted plants TRANSITIVEglan verb  c m uto weed the vegetables na glasraí a ghlanadh, gortghlanadh a dhéanamh ar na glasraí, an lustan sna glasraí a bhaint TRANSITIVElustan a bhaintI spent the day weeding chaith mé an lá ag baint lustain, chaith mé an lá i mbun gortghlantacháin

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