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1. noun amount of sth2. noun space to be filled3. noun loudness of a sound4. noun book; part of a series PUBL5. adjective operating in bulk COMM 1 noun amount of sthméidwe have increased production volume by 10% tá ár dtáirgeacht ardaithe 10%we have to undertake a large volume of work tá go leor oibre le déanamh againnthe volume of exports líon na n-onnmhairí 2 noun space to be filledtoirt fem2the volume of gas toirt an gháis it's sold by volume díoltar é de réir toirte 3 noun loudness of a soundfuaim fem2turn up the volume ardaigh an fhuaim 4 noun book; part of a series PUBLimleabhar masc1 5 (also high volume) adjective operating in bulk COMMhigh volume producer táirgeoir ardéilimhvolume sales ard-díolachán