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Similar words: aversion · diversion · inversion · reversion · derision · erosion · lesion · session · tension · torsion
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1 noun form of sth that differs from earlier formsleagan masc1  c m uthe most recent version an leagan is deireanaí 2 noun LING form of sth that has been translated leagan masc1  c m uthe English version of the text an leagan Béarla den téacs 3 noun CINE, LIT, TV-RAD form of sth adapted in a different medium leagan masc1  c m uinsint fem2  c m u 4 noun account of sth given by particular personleagan masc1  c m uinsint fem2  c m udul masc3  c m uthe official version of the story an leagan oifigiúil den scéalshe'll tell her own version of the story tabharfaidh sise a hinsint féin ar an scéal, cuirfidh sise a bail féin ar an scéal

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