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Similar words: enable · usable · unstable · unusable · curable · durable · enabler · mutable · tenable · useable
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1 adjective not being in a position to do sth she was unable to continue ní raibh sí ábalta dul ar aghaidh, ní raibh sí in ann leanúint ar aghaidh, ní raibh ar a cumas leanúint ar aghaidh 2 adjective not having the requisite skill to do sththey're unable to read níl siad ábalta léamh, níl ar a gcumas léamh, níl léamh acuhe was unable to go upstairs ní raibh sé ábalta dul suas staighre, ní raibh sé in ann dul suas staighre, ní raibh ar a chumas dul suas staighre

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