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Similar words: prune out · bung out · dine out · mine out · rule out · run out · take out · time out · tire out · tune up
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tune out

1 (v + adv) TV-RAD switch off INTRANSITIVEthe viewers began to tune out stad an lucht féachana ag breathnúlisteners are tuning out tá na héisteoirí á gcailleadh 2 (v + adv) informal stop paying attention INTRANSITIVEthe young people tuned out of the election stop daoine óga ag tabhairt airde ar an toghchán 3 (v + adv) filter out TRANSITIVEtiúin amach asyou must tune out the noise of the crowd ní mór tiúnadh amach as gleo an tslua, caithfidh tú callán an tslua a ghearradh amach → see tune