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Similar words: trimmings · brimming · strumming · drumming · priming · skimming · slimming · swimming · timing · trifling
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trimming is a grammatical form of: trim »


noun CLOTH, FASH decorationmaisiú masc  c m ugléasadh masc  c m ufur trimming maisiú fionnaidhlace trimming maisiú lása


1 noun COOK with dish or mealanlann masc1  c m u turkey with all the trimmings turcaí agus gach a dtéann leis 2 noun things that accompany sththe selection process and the associated trimmings an próiseas roghnaithe agus gach a mbaineann leis 3 noun pieces cut off sthgearrthógascotháin  c m uhedge trimmings scotháin fáil