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Similar words: strained · drained · grained · trainee · trainer · untrained · -grained · ordained · sprained · strainer
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trained is a grammatical form of: train »


1 adjective of personoilte adj3  c m utraenáilte  c m ushe's a trained counsellor is comhairleoir oilte íshe's well trained in her field tá sí an-oilte ina réimse féinthey're fully trained in first aid tá lánoiliúint orthu sa gharchabhairthe staff is highly trained tá an fhoireann ardoilte 2 adjective of animaltraenáilte  c m uoilte adj3  c m uis the dog trained? an bhfuil an madra traenáilte?

to the trained eye

don té atá oiltedon té a bhfuil fios a cheirde aige

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