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touch up

1 (v + adv) DIY, AUTO make repairs, improvements TRANSITIVEpointeáil verb  c m u 2 (v + adv) PHOT make improvements TRANSITIVEglan suas  c m u 3 (v + adv) COSM reapply TRANSITIVEa thuilleadh smididh a chur ortI touched up my make-up chuir mé a thuilleadh smididh orm 4 (v + adv) informal sexually, usually without consent TRANSITIVEbheith ag crúbáil arbheith ag gabháil do → see touch

touch up



1 noun AUTO, DIY to paintwork etcpointeáil fem3  c m u 2 noun PHOT to photoleasú masc  c m upointeáil fem3  c m u 3 noun COSM to make-upmaise fem4  c m u