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tool up

1 (v + adv) informal arm yourself TRANSITIVEhe tooled himself up with a knife tharraing sé chuige scian, fuair sé scian dó féin 2 adjective informal armedarmthashe wasn't tooled up ní raibh sí armtha they got tooled up rinne siad iad féin a armáila tooled up policeman póilín armtha 3 (v + adv) prepare to do sth INTRANSITIVEthey tooled up fuair siad faoi réir 4 (also


) adjective prepared with the necessary itemsfeistithe
5 (v + adv) equip with machinery etc INTRANSITIVEthey built the factory and tooled up thóg siad an mhonarcha agus d'fheistigh siad an trealamh → see tool