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1 noun lavatoryleithreas masc1  c m ushe flushed the toilet shruthlaigh sí an leithreasare you in the toilet? an bhfuil tú sa leithreas?the ladies' toilet leithreas na mban
modifierleithris  c m utoilet bowl babhla leithris
2 noun washing and dressinghave you finished your toilet? an bhfuil tú nite gléasta?

the toilets

nounna leithris

to go to the toilet

dul chuig an leithreasdo ghnó a dhéanamh informal

to need the toilet

the child needs the toilet caithfidh an leanbh dul chuig an leithreas, tá an leanbh ag iarraidh dul chuig an leithreas

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