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1. noun CONSTR wood 2. noun CONSTR beam in building 3. noun NAUT beam in boat 4. noun COMM trees 5. noun GEOG forested area 6. noun COMM industry7. noun SPOR physical play 8. interjection warning 1 noun CONSTR wood adhmad masc1  c m uit's made of soft timber as adhmad bog a dhéantar éthe buildings were of timber foirgnimh adhmaid a bhí iontubuy your floor timber in advance ceannaigh do chuid adhmad urláir roimh ré
modifieradhmaid  c m utimber floor urlár adhmaidthe timber industry tionscal an adhmaid
2 noun CONSTR beam in building maide masc4  c m u
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3 noun NAUT beam in boat easna fem4floor timber easna urláir 4 noun COMM trees crainnto fell timber crainn a leaganstanding timber adhmad coille 5 noun GEOG forested area coill fem2  c m uforaois fem2  c m u 6 noun COMM industrytionscal an adhmaidhe worked in timber for years bhí sé ag obair i dtionscal an adhmaid ar feadh na mblianta 7 noun SPOR humorous physical play there'll be plenty of timber on Sunday beidh sé ina rúscadh Dé Domhnaighgive them timber! leagaigí orthu!he doesn't spare the timber ní haon ribín réidh é 8 interjection warning crann ag titim!

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