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thumping is a grammatical form of: thump »


1. adjective very large2. adjective easy, decisive3. adjective MUS with loud beat4. adjective throbbing painfully5. adverb very6. noun thorough defeat7. noun beating 1 adjective informal very largean-mhór  c m uthey had a thumping majority bhí móramh an-mhór acu 2 adjective informal easy, decisiveglan  c m uamach is amachit's a thumping victory bua glan atá ann, bua amach is amach atá ann
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3 adjective MUS with loud beatthumping dance music ceol damhsa atá ag plancadh 4 adjective throbbing painfullypreabach adj1broidearnúil adj2I have a thumping headache tá mo chloigeann ag scoilteadh, tá mo chloigeann á réabadh 5 adverb informal veryan-  c m ua thumping great ship long ollmhórit's a thumping good read is mór is fiú é a léamh 6 noun informal thorough defeatgreadadh masc  c m ugreasáilgleadhradh masc to give sb a thumping greasáil a thabhairt do dhuine they got a thumping buaileadh greasáil orthu, buaileadh an cac astu very informal 7 noun informal beatinggreadadh masc  c m ugreasáilshe got a thumping buaileadh greasáil uirthi, tugadh lascadh di