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1 adjective wanting to drinka thirsty man fear a bhfuil tart airwe were thirsty bhí tart orainnI feel very thirsty tá an-tart orm poor people are going thirsty tá tart ar dhaoine bochta 2 adjective wanting sth very muchit made him thirsty for revenge chuir sé fonn díoltais air 3 adjective HORT, AGR needing a lot of watertartmhar adj1tirim adj1  c m uthirsty ground talamh spallta 4 adjective AUTO, informal using a lot of fuelthe petrol engine is thirsty tá an t-inneall peitril trom ar an mbreosla, ídíonn an t-inneall peitril a lán breosla

thirsty work

obair a chuirfeadh tart ortcutting turf is thirsty work chuirfeadh baint na móna tart ort